Sinaca Studios – School of Glass & Gallery presents

03/21 Fort Worth


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Silent Auction

Bid on the brilliant expressions of artistic energy and directly support the SiNaCa’s mission and community impact.

eVent Gallery

A virtual version of our gallery, available from this point forward. Our finest pieces, from a variety of artists, shaped exclusively in support of SiNaCa Studios.

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Vitro Moda is Live

Broadcast from SiNaCa Studios, join us and experience the community enriching magic of molten glass shaped into abstract forms, featuring Mark Leputa.  Witness the art we teach through our programs.









About SiNaca Studios

To Inspire, Inform,  and Enhance Well Being through the art of Glass.
Our Mission is to provide an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education, studio and community involvement.

SiNaCa Studios, a non-profit 501C3 organization, was founded by five local glass artists in 2007. The organization’s initial focus was threefold. First, bringing the glass art community together to hold exhibitions, promote glass as an artistic medium, and generate funds toward founding a school. Second, use the funds raised to open a facility designed to impact the community through glass arts. Third, leverage the new facility to provide accessible, educational, and affordable experiences for the general public, as well as teach courses to share the traditions and techniques of all disciplines of studio glass.

We INSPIRE individuals and groups, students in STEAM programs, budding artists and youth with a dedicated talented staff of glass artists in four unique glass art studios.
We INFORM small and large businesses, community members and leaders, corporations, educators, artists and individuals through our full spectrum of educational programing.
We ENHANCE THE WELL BEING of victims of domestic violence, underserved youth, displaced families, veterans and first responders by healing through glass art, by enhancing self esteem, giving a sense of control and relieving stress and tension.

Learning at SiNaCa Studios takes many forms. We offer courses for everyone ranging from a novice wanting to acquire new skills to the professional artist needing to perfect their glassmaking techniques. Although there are several private hot glass studios in the metroplex, none provide an opportunity for the general public to learn about glass or experience the creation of glass art in an educational setting. Furthermore, we are the only not-for-profit glass art studio providing philanthropic programming in collaboration with other charitable organizations within our community.

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